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A Productive Day In My Life Under Lockdown

Reading Length: 5 minutes I just wanted to share a productive day in my life under lockdown for the past year. So here’s an overview of my day: 5:30AM : Wake up and do skin care routine. So my pleasantly annoying guitar alarm rings at 5:30AM and I shoot out of bed, maybe stumbling aContinue reading “A Productive Day In My Life Under Lockdown”

35 Best Daily Habits to Change Your Life

Reading Length: 10 minutes SUMMARY 30 Daily Habits to Start in 2020 by Kendra Prepare for the next day.Get your things ready for the next day the night before. Think of 5 things you will need ,prepare your clothes and put them all in one place. Declutter your workspace.Spend the first 5-10 minutes decluttering yourContinue reading “35 Best Daily Habits to Change Your Life”