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20 Life Lessons and Tips for My Younger Self

Reading Length: 9 minutes These lessons and tips are written similar to a letter format addressed to my younger self. I know that I’m still young now but it does feel like I’ve been through so many life changing experiences since then. So here are 20 lessons and tips to my younger self: 1. FindContinue reading “20 Life Lessons and Tips for My Younger Self”

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7 Proven Ways to Be More Creative and Find Inspiration

Reading Length: 9 minutes How many times have you said or heard “I’m just not a creative person.” Well, most people aren’t born creative. It can be learned and trained as long as there is consistency and effort towards cultivating more creativity. 1. Follow the best times to brainstorm and learn. We have the circadianContinue reading “7 Proven Ways to Be More Creative and Find Inspiration”

8 Mind Hacks to Learn Anything Fast

Reading Length: 7 minutes 1. Forget the 10,000 hour rule. Focus on the first 20 hours. We often hear that it takes 10,000 hours to master a skill but this is for the elite level and in an ultra competitive field. In reality, it can actually just take 20 hours of deliberate practice. From JoshContinue reading “8 Mind Hacks to Learn Anything Fast”