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10 Mindset Habits That Changed My Life

Hi everyone! If you followed my last post, I informed you guys that I will be leaving and moving to my own site and platform. I plan on cancelling this site within this week so please sign up my newsletter before it’s too late! I do not wish to lose touch with you guys!Continue reading “10 Mindset Habits That Changed My Life”

I’m Changing My Blog Site! Goodbye WordPress!

Hi everyone! I’m writing this to let you guys know that my new blog site will be at my domain: If you like my content, please go ahead and sign up the email newsletter on there. This is because if you only follow it on, I don’t think you will be able toContinue reading “I’m Changing My Blog Site! Goodbye WordPress!”

10 Books That Changed My Life

Reading Length: 9 minutes These are the types of books which I would definitely go back to read over and over again in my lifetime like a nerd. These books also helped me experience my own personal growth and life transformation. So let’s get right into the 10 books that changed my life! 1. TheContinue reading “10 Books That Changed My Life”

The One Habit For Better Work-Life Balance (Free Worksheet!)

Reading Length: 6 minutes “Work-life balance.” This word seems extinct in a world that is constantly pressuring us to hustle, grind and work. In school, we’re overwhelmed with endless assignments, exam dates, jobs and expected to still “have a life.” After graduating from school, we’re then expected to quickly search for a decent or highContinue reading “The One Habit For Better Work-Life Balance (Free Worksheet!)”

7 Productivity Tips I Wish I Knew Years Ago

Reading Length: 10 minutes So I’ve been through a lot of ups and downs when it comes to productivity. And I’m still learning. But I just wanted to share some of the productivity tips I’ve learned overtime. So here are 7 productivity tips I wish I knew years ago: 1. Systems over goals “Your goalContinue reading “7 Productivity Tips I Wish I Knew Years Ago”

Productivity: How I Get Things Done and Organize My Life

Reading Length: 6 minutes For the past few weeks, I’ve been reflecting a lot on my life and realized that I’ve always had to balance a lot of workload and life in general. Last semester I was managing full-time college classes and an e-commerce business. Now I’m on a gap semester so I’m focused onContinue reading “Productivity: How I Get Things Done and Organize My Life”

I Went 1 Year Without Social Media. Here’s What I Learned.

Reading Length: 9 minutes “How do you not have Instagram and Facebook?!” That was the shocked statement I received from a classmate. I often received this type of stunned reaction from my classmates and friends. Even from adults. They couldn’t believe a teenager didn’t have any of those social media platforms. They assumed I livedContinue reading “I Went 1 Year Without Social Media. Here’s What I Learned.”

How to Take a Social Media Detox The Right Way

Reading Length: 10 minutes Social media has become such a big impact on our lives. There’s just way too many platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and more but so little time to keep up with everything. And it’s so easy to waste hours browsing through each app as the algorithm is designed to trapContinue reading “How to Take a Social Media Detox The Right Way”

11 Habits of Highly Successful Students

Reading Length: 9 minutes What makes the difference between successful versus unsuccessful students? Successful students blackmail their professors! Just kidding. Please don’t do this. We start with identifying their habits. I am not saying that I am a perfect student or that you should follow my example. I’m just speaking from my own experiences andContinue reading “11 Habits of Highly Successful Students”

A Productive Day In My Life Under Lockdown

Reading Length: 5 minutes I just wanted to share a productive day in my life under lockdown for the past year. So here’s an overview of my day: 5:30AM : Wake up and do skin care routine. So my pleasantly annoying guitar alarm rings at 5:30AM and I shoot out of bed, maybe stumbling aContinue reading “A Productive Day In My Life Under Lockdown”